The Good Reed Magazine is being launched as an online topical periodical to a general international readership by Ridwan Treacher and Katharine O’Sullivan Walmsley.

Originally a monthly newsletter for a London community, it was decided, as a result of the newsletter readership expanding to distant continents, to go for an open readership. So the concept of an online magazine was born.

It was realised that with this expansion taking place in a general global readership, the content could move forward from reporting specific community news to providing a cross-section of copy designed to include articles, poems, reviews and a blog. In its short time online, in fact, has attracted readers from all continents, whether individuals or members of communities.

All readers are welcome to enjoy the magazine content, and your participation is invited by letting us have your comments and reactions. Even better, submitting your stories and poems would be welcome.

[Right] Paintings by Lydia Corbett

Paintings featured this month by Lydia Corbett

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  1. Thank you for producing such a readable magazine – Well-wisher
  2. How very exciting for me, now to be a published writer!!‘  And… ‘what a truly wonderful magazine you, Katharine, and Ridwan are producing. – Laura Paterson
  3. I really think you have created a wonderful online magazine, the standard is high and it’s ALWAYS interesting and varied! FG