About Us


Ridwan Treacher and Katharine O’Sullivan Walmsley welcome all readers to the Good Reed Magazine.

Ridwan is an artist and Katharine is a journalist and we would like to produce good reading which showcases the talents not just of those who have been working professionally for a long time in the arts, but also those who have discovered their talent through the practice of the Subud Latihan.

In addition to producing articles on art, poetry, reviews, fiction and non-fiction, the Good Reed Magazine hopes to also publish the work of writers who are in the welfare and enterprise fields. It may take a while to build up a readership for such a varied diet of human experiences, but we think it’s worth trying. So whoever you are and whatever your experience or talent is, we welcome you as a reader of the Good Reed Magazine, and we welcome your thoughts and your experiences through your contributions to our magazine content.

So, welcome all to this new non-establishment sponsored blog. Articles, reviews, poems, writings, experiences and comments are invited from readers – the more the merrier – which may well reveal a magnificent record of Subud life in the 21st Century.